Wooo! This week the Two Broke Watch Snobs are celebrating Valentine’s Day in the only way they know how… talking about watches!

Kaz also shares his fear of medically-sanctioned penis touching (it happens, guys) while Mike tries to assuage his fears in that it really isn’t that bad. The guys then quickly reflective on Mike’s history with the Orient Mako and Kaz shares his experience with the SIXOFOURLIFE in Canuck Blue. Also, in case you guys didn’t know – Timex is going to kill it this year.

The guys then break into their main topic for the show – watches for couples! Instead of just breaking down specific watches, Mike and Kaz think about the topic from a different perspective. What makes a couples watch? If a couple just shares one watch, is that considered a couples watch? Or would each person need to buy a watch? Answers to these questions and so much more on this week’s show!

PS: Should Mike and Kaz start a progressive vegan-core band?

Huge thank you again to this week’s TBWS Podcast Sponsor SIXOFOURLIFE Watches

Show Notes Coming Soon!

1 thought on “Ep. #67 – The TBWS Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. Yes! Start a vegan-core band! Actually, that sounds like a lot of work. Maybe you could just put up the few Timex watches you mentioned in the podcast instead. 🙂


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