Ep. #46 Watch Storage and Rivkah Updates

Ok, listen up – if you’re an Egyptologist or a member of the Queen’s Royal Guard then we got questions. Do you regularly listen to our show? What watches are you allowed to wear? Can you wear a watch? Oh, and Kaz discovers the wonders of actually remembering to use his freaking inhaler on air – asthma be damned!

Kaz also offers some super cool and important purchase details for anyone interested in partaking in the Rivkah Watches Project.

The talk then shifts to watch storage – cases, travel rolls, freaking socks – $350 watch safes that can also fit dead hooker – you know, normal stuff. Plus this is especially relevant since Wind Up 2017 is right around the corner – how should the guys store their watches while traveling??

Show Notes

Queen’s Guard

Queen’s Champion TIL

MKII Paradive

Vostok Komandirskie Kadet Cadet


Hublot Big Bang Blue

CWC Royal Navy Diver

Radium Girls

Amazon Watch Case

Pelican Molded Watch Case

Pelican Pick ‘n Pluck Foam

Watch Rolls

Toxic Watch Roll

Single Watch Pouch

W&W EDC Watch Fold

$350k Watch Safe

Horween Leather

Seikoholic On Watch Winders

Watch Winders

Patek 5004 Split Second

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