Ep. #45 – Brands We Know Nothing About:
Universal Genève

Kaz’s collection continues to reduce, proper pronounciation of watch brand names occurs, and both guys compare notes on how well the newest rubber straps from Seiko are coming out. Plus, listen guys – if you can bake a bicycle out of bread then you need to be one of the minds solving cold fusion – no question. We also get another Rivkah update and learn how Kaz is taking a super unique and individualized approach to the brand!

Mike is also still totally digging his Marathon Pilot, learning that he may just prefer a 12-hour bezel over a GMT movement. Plus Kaz gets some cool vintage Russian watches in the mail and Mike goes a watch adventure with a listener to check out some Nomos!

Then the guys tackle the main topic – trying to understand Universal Geneve. They talk about the special culture there is around collection Universal Geneve pieces in addition to the potential investment opportunities they may (or may not) posses. If you have any additional info on Universal Geneve that you feel needed more coverage please hit Mike and Kaz up at tbws.contact@gmail.com!

Show Notes:

Seiko Kinetic GMT Diver

Watch Brand Pronunciation

The Great British Baking Show


Marathon Pilot Navigator

Vostok Komandirskie Kadet Cadet

Fox’s Seattle

Nomos Club Neomatik

Rivkah Watches

Universal Geneve

Universal Genève Cairelli Split-Second Chronograph

Universal Geneve Polerouter

Universal Geneve Tri-Compax

Universal Geneve Tri-Compax “Eric Clapton”

Those Watch Guys

10:25 Vintage

Universal Geneve Military

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