Ep. #43 – The TBWS Back to School Special!

Kaz is determined to livestream his next mugging while trying to do a wristcheck… Incedently, what do you guys think the best “getting mugged” watch is? In more horological crime news, apparently MB&F’s MAD Gallery got robbed..? Mike and Kaz try to wrap their heads around the thought process of seeing such high profile (and easily trackable) timepieces.

Mike’s loving his new Marathon Pilot Navigator and he ever acquires a new “flyer” piece. Kaz reveals another Rivkah update while polling the #watchfam for ideas/advice on running a preorder. Kickstarter? Indiegogo? Door to door?

Kaz actually contemplates selling some of his collection and then the snobs have a blast talking about some of the coolest back to school watch options for watch folks that have little kiddos going back to school.

Show Notes:

Wind Up NYC

MB&F MAD Gallery Robbery

Pras Michel Collector Series

Rivkah Watches

B.C. Wildfires

Seiko SNK805


Seiko Blue Lagoon Samurai

Marathon Pilot Navigator

Benrus Type I & II

Richard Mille Bubba Watson

Casio Calculator Watch

Baby G Shock

Apple Watch


Talking Watches With William Massena

Casio F91W

Living on Plastic for a Month


Harvest Moon

Raketa School

IWC Father & Son set

Star Fox 64

Seikoholic’s SRP775

Casio DW5600

Timex Expedition Scout

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