Ep. #40 – Servicing Watches: Direct-to-Brand Vs. Independent


By: Two Broke Watch Snobs

It’s probably best if you just never ask Mike if you can borrow his toilet plunger – just putting it out there. Also, if you’re a fan of interuptions, then this is the podcast for you! Barking dogs! Jingling kitty collars – this week’s show is all about it! Plus, Kaz finds a new home in a pile of cardboard boxes.

Also, do you guys remember those weird ass Arnold Schwarzenegger watches that were released like a few years back? we also get a super quick update on Rivkah Watches, there’s a new diver in for review, and finally (FINALLY) the Two Broke Watch Snobs are proud to announce the sinner of the Seiko SKX007 Giveaway!

The guys then get into talking about watch servicing – direct to brand or independent? Mike shares his experience getting a very special watch serviced and the Snobs then talk about what type of choices go into deciding on a watch servicing center. Tune in and tell us your thoughts!

Show Notes

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

Orient Watches “Christmas Chrono”

Melbourne Sorrento Diver

Arnold Schwarzenegger watches

Montegrappa Watches

Omega Seamaster 30

Smiths W10

Tudor Pelagos

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Nesbit’s Fine Watch Services

Omega Speedmaster 3570.50

Lunar Oyster

2 thoughts on “Ep. #40 – Servicing Watches: Direct-to-Brand Vs. Independent”

  1. This is topic is mainly for those mechanical movements. But my first story is of my Breitling Aerospace. This is a ‘Superquartz’ movement and the one thing you need to know is if the digital display is blinking go get the battery changed!!! I’m sure this basically applies to all quartz watches for various reasons. Well, at the time I did not realize the display was blinking as I kept it in the no display option. Just used the hands, mainly to save battery life.

    I first noticed the blinking display when I was travelling to Toronto for work. So as I changed my time I was wondering why it was blinking. Did not think to Google it and was kinda busy. It kept working. But how long it was signaling EOL(End of Life) for the battery I have no idea. This was early September 2012. Oh, I purchased the watch new in Aug 2008 and who knows how long it was sitting at the AD. There is a way to tell, but you have to remove the bracelet at the 6 O’clock position and look at the week and year numbers. My bracelets have a production week of 4507. So I would guess my watch was produced around end of 2007.

    Well, forward time a couple more weeks and I was on a cruise down the west coast. Lo and behold my watch stopped working about half way through my vacation. Talk about a real bummer. So it had to sit for a good 2 weeks before I could take it in to get the battery changed. Could I have taken it to a local shop, possibly, but I didn’t and maybe that might have avoided my situation. Back home, I took it to my AD, who is a authorized Breitling service center. They changed the battery, but did inform me that there was some leakage. I authorized the replacement just be done on the battery, they did clean it up as best they could and did not charge me for that. Well that lasted about 3 or 4 months. I’ll post up a pic on my IG account and you will see what I saw one morning.

    So now the watch had to be sent back to Breitling. This was about a 3.5 month turn around time. Which I am finding is about standard and could be considered good. Also it cost me $500. I am pretty sure they replaced the whole superquartz movement and cleaned up my watch. So in that sense that’s not so bad.

    Next items for me to purchase are some watch tools, as I want to be able to change the battery myself as well as change straps. Also, I now have the digital display on pretty much all the time. So far it has been running great after 4 years. I figure I have about another year of battery life left.

    And that is my first little story. 😉 Oh and since Breitling was sold off, they have required past Breitling dealers to recertify for basic servicing. So anything to do with a Breitling service will probably need to be sent back, at least until around September, or that is for my dealer.


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