Ep. #39 – High End Quartz Watches and Totally Unscripted Watch Talk

By: Kaz Mirza

Ep. #39 – High End Quartz Watchesand Totally Unscripted Watch Talk

Kaz has been watching too much Ancient Aliens – incidentally, he’s not committed to proving the Christopher Columbus felated aliens…. yea, it’s gonna be one of those shows, #watchfam. Also, don’t forget the Seiko SKX007 Giveaway is live! Tune in this week to find out how to win!

Also, who among you wears watches to sleep? Kaz is paranoid of watch-whipping his cats or fiancee while sleeping with a watch on. Plus, anyone ever had a watch ruined by the rain? Double-plus, let’s say you’re a hitman, a gun-for-hire, if you will… what watch are you wearing?

Kaz and Mike then begin discussing Russian Franken-watches and (more importantly) high-end quartz timepieces. How much is too much when you’re shopping around for a quartz watch? Anyone got any favorite quartz pieces that go beyond the call of duty in implementing something more substantial than your run-of-the-mill $5 quartz movements?

Show Notes:

Tom Delonge “To The Stars”

Seiko SKX007

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

Raketa Big Zero

Sekonda 3017 Chronograph

Modern Sekonda Watches


Michele Cuoccio

Undone Watches

Seiko 9F Movement

Seiko Astron

Richard Mille RM-011

Mondaine Stop2Go

Bulova Moon Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive One

Chase-Durer watches

Omega X-33 Gen 1

The Last Man on the Moon: The Last Man on the Moon

Astronaut repairing Speedmaster X-33 in space

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