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Ep. #36 – Emerging Technologies in Watch Marketing

Kaz is on track to completing the Rivkah MTP.1 Prototype by June 30th! Thank you again to all for the support and awesomeness! Plus there’s a lot more new content on the site so definitely share your thoughts and opinions as we really start to build out the site.

Plus, Mike surprises Kaz by busting out the Sistem51 for this week’s audio wristcheck, which then leads the snobs into discussing the initial release and current state of the Sistem51. Also, Kaz may have roofied himself with a sandwich – normal happenings here over at Rivkah HQ.

The snobs then get into a discussion about emerging e-commerce technologies in the watch world – a sign that maybe the watch retail dynamic may be changing for the best? Maybe – maybe not… although Mike learns the hard way that the new IWC e-commerce store will only let you buy 5 Big Pilots at once…lame.

Show Notes:

Swatch Sistem51 Black

Casio MDV-106-1AV

Christopher Ward & Jamie Maddison

Christopher Ward Trident GMT 38

Christopher Ward Titanium Pro C60

Archimede Pilot 42 GMT

New Farer GMT Models

Junghans Max Bill Edition 2017

Swatch X Platform

Brosnan Era Omega Seamaster

Undone Watches

IWC Big Pilot



Panerai E-Boutique Exclusive

New Fossil Smartwatches

Bremont & Martin Baker

Jimmy Fallon / Bremont Segment

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