Ep. #29 – Vintage Watches Under $65

Yeaaaay! Ep. 29 is here! This week Kaz talks about another eye-opening experience at work that’s led him to reach a pretty big decision – he’s going all-in on making Rivkah watches, his idea of 3D Printing a watch. And it’s all thanks to the kindness and support of the, #Watchfam!

Plus, Mike’s been spending some time with the Q-Series, a Military Spec Quartz GMT – and he shares his thoughts and opinions on the piece. Spoiler: it’s a pretty sweet watch 😉 – also, the guys share some watch industry news you may not have heard about (because very few other watch press outlets are covering it for some reason).

And then, they said it couldn’t be done, guys – Vintage Watches Under $65. Mike and Kaz each choose 3 watches (so 6 in all) that are packed with history, awesomeness, and are easily available for waaaayyy under $65. Definitely give us your opinions and share your thoughts on our choices! And if you think there are some vintage watches under $65 that we missed, let us know!

Sound off in the comments below, everyone, and let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

Raketa school


Vostok Zakaz

History of Vostok Watches

Breitling sold off

Bulova Lawsuit

Timex Marlin

HMT Pilot

Waltham Premier

2 thoughts on “Ep. #29 – Vintage Watches Under $65”

  1. Transparent pricing is a cool idea, and something my contractor did when he redid my kitchen. I got all materials at cost (with receipts) and his profit was a line item. I kinda felt bad looking at how small it was compared to the whole project, so we added a line item for a nice bottle of scotch.

    I ran into Terry from Toxic Natos this weekend. He sounded taller on your podcast…

  2. Finally caught up on the podcasts, and finished this one the same week it came out. That’s an accomplishment for me. I’m curious to see how the prototyping and construction for the Rivkah is going, especially with respect to the limitations of the materials you’re using and how you overcome challenges with 3d printed parts.

    The 40mm, 42mm+ preferred. There’s not much, but if you have a line on anything besides the usual recommendations that would be a good topic for a future episode.

    Looking to ~1970s/80s is probably the most likely time frame?
    – Orient SK – too pink?
    – Seiko 6309 Turtle – not motivated to find now that the SRP Turtles exist, but may be a good choice for some?
    – Seiko 6139 Pogue – Good ones are expensive
    – I know some Seiko 5’s from the 70’s were in the 40+mm range, but it’s hard to find specific ones.
    — ?? out of ideas under ~$500 or so.


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