Pay that $2500 dental bill? Or just get a Grand Seiko Quartz and call it a day? This is just one of the many questions we tackle in this week’s episode! Plus Kaz is going strong with his #watchfast with the Casio MDV106 dive watch.

#Watchfam we’d also love your opinion on how we do press coverage on the site – should we stretch the $1000 review margin to be more flexible for pieces we offer press coverage of? This is one of those moments where it’s crucial that your opinion is voiced because we want the site to really be catered to you and what you’d want to see in a horology community where you really feel a part of! So totally let us know your thoughts in the comments below, on IG, or by email at

Also in this episode we talk about the history of the GMT watch and some pretty cool and affordable options out there for anyone looking to add one to their collection!

Show Notes

Casio MDV106-1AV

ToxiNATOs Toxic ShizNit N80

Janis Trading Subs

Raven Trekker 40

Tag Heuer Heritage Monza

Heuer Dark Lord

Longines Record Watches

Longines Heritage 1945

Oris Divers

Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary

  ad spot

Orient Star GMT

Orient Polaris GMT DJ05003W

Vostok Watch Amphibian SE 650521S

Orient Star Seeker GMT

Marathon Military Navigator Pilot

Glycine Airman no. 1

Farer Barnato GMT

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