Timex has been on a roll since the release of the Marlin a little while back. Since then, the watch world has gone completely nuts over reissues like the Q and vintage-inspired models like the recent M79. Join Mike and Kaz as they run through Timex’s greatest hits, analyze the brand’s overall strategy, and consider adding Timex models to their own personal collections.

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2 thoughts on “Ep. #163: Talking Timex… Our New Darling?”

  1. Hey – just listened to this. I know that watch collectors deal more with aesthetics, but it would be useful to talk about longer-term durability. Traditionally, mechanical Timexes just ‘wore out’ since they didn’t use jeweled bearings. That was the model, and the price made it OK. But what would a modern Timex mechanical look like in 20, or 50 years? Those of us who push back against the ‘throw-away culture’ of modern electronics (hello, Apple) will look for something with longer-term prospects.

    BTW, I wear a 20-year old Citizen GMT and it looks and functions as if brand new. I would buy a Timex if I thought it would do the same.

  2. “I wish I was talented and attractive” is a great quote, thank you, Kaz.

    Thank you guys for doing a Timex episode. I’m trying to get into 60s and 70s Timex, many can be had for under $50.

    Keep up the good work!


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