Ep. #144 More Watch For Your Money Pt. 1

By: Two Broke Watch Snobs

This week we’re bringing on a new reoccurring TBWS segment: “More Watch For Your Money” – which watches out carry more bang for your buck than others? Objectively speaking, taking all the bullshit and preconceived notions out of it, what watches out there actually give you more watch for your money?

Plus we talk a bit about the newly released Seiko Chronographs… shout out to ditoy_eagle

Also, apparently Ben Gibbard is making Kaz’s pizza.

1 thought on “Ep. #144 More Watch For Your Money Pt. 1”

  1. Interesting thing to note: not all Hodinkee special editions sell out in five minutes. One of them, I think it was the IWC, took quite a while to sell, because that one really was overpriced shlock.
    Most of them are pretty nice, I feel; and since their readership has a ton of money to blow on watches, them overpaying for a limited edition isn’t surprising.


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