It’s something we’ve said a lot – “collect in a vacuum” – “collect in a bubble” ect ect – it’s the idea that as a collector what influences your purchases should only ever be your own choices. But what does that really mean? With the increased advent of hard-sell marketing practices, FOMO Instagram culture, and lack of watch media outlets keeping it real, we decided it was time to have a proper discussion about this.

What does it actually mean to collect what you like? How can you tell what you actually like if brand outreach and social media are you only touch points for what’s out there? We dig deep and share our own personal experiences navigating this space.


Plus, Kaz gets attacked by a dog; the guys discuss the new Omega *ahem* “Full Moon;” and we open up the doors for the first ever TBWS T-shirt design contest – hope everyone enjoys this week’s show!

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