Ep. 117 Discussing TBWS Press Coverage and The Future

By: Two Broke Watch Snobs

This week we’re looking towards the future – and you guys are a big part of that! Mike and Kaz have a candid discussion about how TBWS will continue to grow but also differentiate itself from everyone else out there covering the same events (in the same way). A big part of us growing authentically is just hearing from all of you. How do you want us to cover watch news and events? What do you find valuable in watch media and is that something TBWS is able to deliver on?

Speaking of watch press – the guys also discuss Basel 2019 this year. Plus, we’ll be at Wind Up SF 2019 – so if you’re in the SF area and will be attending the show, give us a holler or find us on the floor!

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Show Notes:
Gavox Watches
Wind Up SF 2019 Announcement
Seiko SLA33 Leak on the Rolex Forums

2 thoughts on “Ep. 117 Discussing TBWS Press Coverage and The Future”

  1. I hope you guys just cover what interests you, even if it means covering nothing from Baselworld. I love you guys because you don’t fall in line with the rest of the “OMG you must have the new Rolex re-release (or Tudor substitute)” crowd. There’s plenty of that on literally every other watch site.

    Hope to run into you guys at Wind Up SF!

  2. Hey guys!

    There are lots of different ways to bring your unique perspectives to something like Basel (or any other major show), in my opinion. Certainly, you covered some of them in the show (highlighting stuff that doesn’t get a lot of coverage, etc).

    It’d be entertaining to do something like “Watch Brands We Know Nothing About: Basel ’19 Edition.” It could focus on one (or a few) where you go through a little bit of history, as well as what they brought to the show and why it matters. In the same vein, what about an adaption of the “Watch of the Year” bit, as the “Watch of the Show?”

    I’d love to see you guys do something like “Coolest watch at Basel for $500” (or pick any $ amount). Is there anything there for that little cash? It could be expanded to “Best Budget Diver (Flier, GMT, whatever) for $X.”

    Something similar could be fun for Wind Up, too. Make a recommendation for a baller 3-watch collection for under $X at Wind Up. How about “Best new Brand at Wind Up?” “Brand(s) that should be here,” could be a fun idea, too.

    Anyway, good luck, and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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