It’s President’s Day here in the US…. and we aren’t really sure what the hell that means. But it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about watches worn by US Presidents! This week we discuss some horological wrist highlights from the Oval Office while also sharing interesting tidbits and insights you may not have known about Presidential watches.

Kaz also discusses his experience with the no-watch watchfast while Mike sheds a bit of light on the differences between Doxa dials. Also Basel is coming up soon and that means everyone will be guessing what’s going to be released. Following the same fashion as previous years, it seems like there’s been a Seiko leak showing the next big reissue diver from the brand – and Mike weighs in. Oh, and Kaz shares the secret to surviving a busy day at Disney World.

Show Notes:

This piece was written and submitted by an incredible member of the Two Broke Watch Snobs fan community! We’re always open to hearing ideas for user submissions – please feel free to contact us if there’s something you want to write about.

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