Ep. #109 The 2018 TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!


By: Kaz Mirza

The time has come, Watchfam! The Two Broke Watch Snobs are wrapping up 2018 with the very first ” 2018 TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!” The guys take a look back at this past year’s releases and they’re playing favorites by choosing winners in various categories. What follows is a list of all the categories and the winners. So if you don’t want to have any surprises spoiled don’t scroll any further!

SPOILER ALERT – TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show category winners are below!

Best Beads of Rice:


Best Watch to Have Food Poisoning With:


Best Handjob Watch:


Best Non-Diver Microbrand Piece


Best Watch To Wear in the Midst of an Existential Crisis:


Best Watch to Wear While Influencing a Foreign Government’s Elections:


Worst Vintage Reissue:


Best Watch To Cave Dive With While Rescuing A Soccer Team Of Young Boys In Thailand:


Watch Mostly Likely To Lead To Divorce:


Best Watch To Crash A Royal Wedding With:


Best Watch To Wear While Threatening Your Daughter’s Prom Date:


Best Overall in 2018:


Share your thoughts on our choices in the comments below and totally let us know what categories we should start considering for next year’s “TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!”

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