This week Mike is joined by his wife as they discuss watch obsession from the perspective of a very patient and supportive partner. She opens up and shares what she likes about watches, what they mean to her, and what it’s like living with an absolute watch lunatic.

Kaz joins us in spirit and it’s a seriously fun episode that tackles topics we’ve never addressed on TBWS before. Be sure to listen in with that special someone!

Show Notes

Seiko SKX 007

Toxic Shiznit

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Michael Kors

LV Escale Time Zone


Seiko Spring Drive

Seiko Snowflake

Richard Mille Erotic Tourbillon

Patek 5146G

Patek 5204R

Longines Master Collection

Orient Sun & Moon

Raketa Big Zero

Seiko SARB033

Nomos Club

Orient Bambino

Food Proof


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