Corniche Heritage Chronograph

By: Michael Penate

As we creep into 2019 one of the personal goals I’d like to establish for this site involves informing readers about really cool value-focused watches that aren’t getting enough attention. One of those watches is the Corniche Heritage Chronograph, which was quietly debuted last month with almost no coverage. While it’s true that Corniche may seem like another Kickstarter/cash-grab brand, I found it interesting that they were able to incorporate so many attractive elements borrowed from brands like Patek Philippe into a watch that is both affordable and easy to love. Again, this is a small brand that has entered the market without launching Sub clone and that’s something we consider attractive and difficult to achieve. So, let’s take a quick look at what can really serve as your grab ‘n go sporty dress chronograph.

At first glance, the Corniche Heritage Chronograph seems like a mishmash between a Lange Datograph and a Patek Philippe 5170. That’s not a bad thing and a clean two-register look is something many of us crave. There are options ranging from custom Undone watches to the Seagull Air Force chrono and more. But many of those are overtly sporty by nature and I think this Corniche is perfect for someone looking into a slightly more elegant design that can be dressed up with no fuss. For starters, the case measures 39mm in diameter, is 11.5mm thick, and comes in plain steel or rose gold plated finishes. But, things get a little more interesting when you look at the dial.

The dial itself is fully rendered in ceramic and features polished, hand-applied indices. Because the watch runs on the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement (sweeping center seconds), what we have is a 60-minute totalizer at the 9 o’clock position and a 24-hour indicator at the 3 o’clock position. If you ask me, it’s the movement’s greatest downside since it’s difficult to argue for the true utility of a 24-hour sub-dial. Either way, I’m sure this chrono probably won’t be used for anything more than passing the time or timing your morning cup of tea, so who cares, really?

There are also some really nice details found along the pushers as well as the handset, which is made up of really attractive polished lance hands for both the sub-dials and the primary display. The caseback appears to be engraved in the renders and should help the watch sit pretty flat on the wrist. Nothing worse than a thick quartz chrono, if you ask me. The strap is 20mm wide and features a quick-release mechanism for convenience.

Corniche Heritage Chronograph Specs

  • Case Diameter: 39mm
  • Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Water Resistance: Rated for 5ATM
  • Movement: Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz Chronograph Movement
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Strap: Black leather with quick-release
  • Price: $425

Overall I have to admit that the Corniche Heritage Chronograph has kept me interested for quite some time, which is probably why I decided to write about it so long after its release. The combination of style, price, and good looks is hard to ignore and I love that all of their designs are slightly on the dressy side. This appears to be an excellent watch that can satisfy the needs of folks getting into the hobby and even collectors that don’t want to splurge on a fancy dress-up chronograph. Both versions of the Corniche Heritage Chronograph are available directly on the Corniche website and retail for $425. Corniche Watches

2 thoughts on “Corniche Heritage Chronograph”

  1. That dial is maybe more VC’s Cornes de Vache 1955 than Dato, and what a dial! A stunner in my eyes. Looks so proportionate and balanced, even more than PP’s and VC’s.
    Case – 5170, for sure.
    For me, it’s kinda pity it is not a full mechanical watch. I guess 7750 wouldn’t provide for that dial layout, but what about Seiko NE88? I know it’s more expensive and complicated bussiness-wise for a micro brand, but it would bring more sense and value to the whole package of a such a nice vintage-chronograph than a mecha-quartz.

    And would you care to elaborate on why TBWS (maybe the other half:) prefer mecha-quartz over Seagull?

    BTW, thanks a bunch for making an effort to cover less usual suspects on microbrands scene, it is really refreshing!


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