Christopher Ward Launches Two New C60 Trident Pro Dive Watches

By: Michael Penate

Today, Christopher Ward has unveiled two new COSC chronometer certified C6o Trident dive watches just in time for summer. While the Trident diver has been around for a while now, I’m starting to wonder if this might actually be the watch that finally turns me on to what the British brand is doing. Recently, Christopher Ward underwent somewhat of a visual overhaul with the introduction of a new logo that was pretty controversial. Really, it didn’t bother me much. Either way, on paper, these watches look great and I’m intrigued by the COSC-certified movements in both the Pro and Day-Date variants. What bothers me, however, is the absence of the caliber SH21, which is the brand’s in-house movement and something I would have loved to see in these dive watches.

Both of the models have a cool black on white tool watch aesthetic that I find pretty attractive even though I typically stay away from white dials. There’s a deep white guilloche wave pattern on the dials and red accents found throughout the signature seconds hand and the pip at 12 o’clock. This is a bold approach to color accents and I’d love to see the watches in person in order to get a feel for how good these colors work together. One very impressive touch in the Zirconia (Zr02) black bezel, which is fully graduated – a trait that is unique to these two models.

The Christopher Ward C6o Trident Pro COSC and Day-Date COSC models both feature a 43mm case made out of 316L stainless steel. Lug-to-lug is just on the verge of what’s wearable for me but I think I can stretch it at 51.5mm. There’s a generous application of Super-LumiNova, which should work pretty well and compliment the hand set nicely. Naturally, water resistance is overkill generous at 600m.

So here’s what has me scratching my head. Christopher Ward spent the better part of four years developing a very impressive in-house movement with the help of Synergies Horlogères and Johannes Jahnke. The result was the calibre SH21 – one of the most important developments for a British watch brand in 50 years. For such a unique and limited set of models, I would have loved to see the SH21 used in these watches. Instead, the Christopher Ward C6o Trident Pro COSC uses a Sellita SW200 and the Day-Date COSC uses an ETA-2836. These aren’t bad movements by any stretch… I just wish Christopher Ward would have embraced their accomplishments while utilizing their in-house movement in both of these models.

Both the Christopher Ward C6o Trident Pro COSC and Day-Date COSC divers come with a choice of a steel bracelet, rubber strap, NATO, or leather strap. The Day-Date is limited to 200 pieces and the C6o Trident Pro is limited to 100 pieces. Price ranges between £860 and £960 depending on which configuration you choose and for what you get, I think it’s a damn good deal. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments. Christopher Ward 

Images: Christopher Ward

7 thoughts on “Christopher Ward Launches Two New C60 Trident Dive Watches”

  1. Mike, I unfortunately don’t know anything about the movements you mentioned so I really can’t comment on that. However, I tend to agree with you on that, if CW has worked so hard to develop their own in-house movement, and it was such a significant development for British watch brands, why not use it? Are they “saving” it for something in the future and using other movements in these watches to save some money for the consumer? I don’t know.

    As far as the look of the watch, I like it! I would prefer the Pro model to the Day-Date personally, just because you get more dial surface to view. It might be a gimmick, but I like the wave pattern on the dial, and I think the hands look great. The lume seems bright, and I’m a fan of the left justified logo. It’s something that is unique and stands out. I would go with the Pro model on the stainless steel bracelet, personally.

    • I’m in the same boat. The Pro model on the bracelet or rubber strap would be killer. From my understanding, there is another Trident diver in the collection that utilizes the SH21. However, I just want to see more of it. As far as “saving the movement” I’m not sure. But I do know that Christopher Ward eventually plans on supplying the movement to other brands as a third party, which is a bold strategy considering how dried up the ETA supply has been.

  2. Nothing jives with me when it comes to CHWard, new or old logo. I think you have to love Omegas to like them. Trying to think of something positive to say…

  3. It would seems to me, (coming from a position of near total ignorance on the matter) that either the new SH21 was either too expensive at the time of release and push the minimum price above the 860 mark and/or the manufacturing of the new movement is not able to keep up with the demand that would be caused if it were placed in this watch. My guess (and it’s a complete guess) that this will be upgraded sometime from the ETA to the SH21.

    On the other hand, the look of this watch doesn’t really do anything for me despite that I think it looks very good. It’s very Omega-ish which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  4. Chris Ward’s in a tough position between going upscale and leaving behind their old, enthusiastic fan-base. I fear the SH21 would push the Trident near to or over the $2k USD mark. That’s a tough range to be in. This is already a rather expensive LE…

  5. Mike,

    Looks like you wrote this back in July, so maybe at the time information on the ground was scant regarding this new piece. However, the C60 Trident Pro COSC version is, indeed, powered by the CW’s in-house SH21 movement.

    I’m actually super impressed with what CW is doing these days. I’m looking at matching 38mm and 43mm white dial C60 GMTs for the wife and I. LOVE the look of those GMTs!


    • Hey my bad Mike. My original reply was before I realized that CW actually has a few COSC certified pieces in the Trident collection. This particular piece does indeed have the off the shelf movement.


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