Ep #68 Affordable Vintage Watches Pt 5: Digital Watches

Mike helps Kaz with his coffee game, Kaz admits he’s a relic of the past (you know, like a Furby) and comes to the realization that, in fact, doing crack is easier than trying to make a good cup of coffee.

Plus this week Mike rekindles his love of the CWC after it’s trip to the watch tech and Kaz (finally) wears his Urban Undone Chronograph on air (now that’s chronograph…not chromograph). Mike also takes the first step and calls VW out on their shit with their crummy “design yo ride” site.

Then the guys bring back a fan favorite – their bread and butter – they’re taking it back to their roots… Affordable Vintage Watches! Specifically Affordable Vintage Digital Watches. Mike chooses three pieces and Kaz chooses three pieces and the two go back and forth sharing their affordable vintage digital watch choices. Just hit play, site back, and enjoy!

Totally let us know your thoughts on this week’s show and if you own one of the vintage digital watches we discussed in today’s show (or if you have more affordable vintage digital watches you think should have made the list) leave a comment below, his us up on IG, or email us at TBWS.contact@gmail.com!

Show Notes:


Coffee Grind Chart

Undone Watches Urban Chronograph Review: Part 1 – The Design Process

Undone Urban Chronograph

CWC Royal Navy Diver

CWC 1980 Reissue

BluShark Straps

Seiko SRPB13K1

Surviving the Watch Fast

Elektronika 1 B6.02

Elektronika 1 B6.03

Elektronika 1 B6.03 (caseback)

  ad spot

Elektronika 5

Bulgarian Buletronic

Seiko A826

Texas Instruments Star Wars

Timex Datalink

Seiko TV Watch

Seiko TV Watch on PawnStars

Seiko ‘Ghostbusters’ Voice Note Watch

Kaz Mirza( Co-Founder )

Kaz has been collecting watches since 2015, but he’s been fascinated by product design, the Collector’s psychology, and brand marketing his whole life. While sharing the same strong fondness for all things horologically-affordable as Mike (his TBWS partner in crime), Kaz’s collection niche is also focused on vintage Soviet watches as well as watches that feature a unique, but well-designed quirk or visual hook.

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