Sinn Announces New Tokyo Boutique

By: Michael Penate

For the first time ever, Sinn is opening its doors in Tokyo. This month, the brand announced that it would be opening SINN Depot, a shop located in Koen Dori, Shibuya, Tokyo. Here, enthusiasts will be able to browse through a selection of Sinn models, accessories, and specialty goods. The brand also mentioned that several Sinn historical watches will be on display. With so many cool watch spots to visit in Japan, it’s nice to see a brand like Sinn joining the party, especially if you consider that Tokyo is quickly outpacing other cities in the realm of unstoppable watch enthusiasm.

The Sinn Shibuya Depot will likely provide a similar experience to what you’d find in their Frankfurt store. The best part is definitely having a spot where you can try watches on in person. Hopefully, it’s successful. And you can bet that we will be adding this to our list of spots to visit when we finally make it out there. Congratulations to Sinn!


To learn more, visit Sinn Spezialuhren.

Image credit: SINN Depot, Shibuya

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