Vostok Watch Reviews and News

Vostok Classica Review (690B24): An Homage to The Vostok Precision

Is the Vostok Classica a bit too outside the modern norm for the brand? How does the watch actually measure up in relation to the reverence and "quirk...

Vostok Amphibia Review (420 Case): Owning Dive Watch History

There are currently over 10 different Amphibia cases and even more dial variations which accounts for waaaay too many iterations to count - and...

Russian Watches Part 3: The Vostok Watch Factory (Chistopol)

A comprehensive history of the history of the Chistopol Watch Factory - aka Vostok.

Podcast Episodes Featuring Vostok Watches

Ep. 120 Starting A Watch Collection in 2019 (The TBWS Way!)

2019 is already feeling like the end times - the Sword of Damocles feels primed to plummet down upon us at any moment... perfect time to talk watches! This week Mike and Kaz wanted to share their perspective on how to build a watch collection in 2019 the TBWS way.

Ep. 78 – The Vostok Amphibia… That’s What The Whole Show Is About

Alright, guys - this is the big one. We've been threatening this episode for a while - this week's show is entirely dedicated to the Vostok Amphibia. We discuss the history of the piece and just how much impact it had in Russia during it's creation in 1967. Plus, Kaz breaks down some notable versions of the Amphibia and reveals some of his Vostok grail pieces. This show's got history, movement geekery, sex-talk, and a whole lot more.