Junkers G38 Dual Time (6940-4) Watch
$320 $280
(12% off)

With Junkers you get a lot of Bauhaus and Flieger pieces, well this GMT feels like an interesting combination of both. It's got a second, independent hour and minute hand set for a second timezone and a very cool big date. Plus there's something supremely cool about the design - reminds me of something you'd see in that movie "The Rocketeer" - while the percent price drop isn't a lot. This is the all time low price point for this Amazon new comer.

Casio Diver MTD-120-1AVCF
$79 $30
(69% off)

(All Time Lowest Price!) I've had this Casio Diver in the corner of my eye for a while. The more famous Duro tends to be a go-to affordable quartz dive piece. But if you're just looking for something with 50 Meters WR that looks pretty badass, this Casiio MTD is an incredile contender. With an all time lowest price drop at $30, it could be a great fit if you just need something fun for a snowbird getaway or cruise. For me I just love the blue, red, and classic case shape. Check out the rotating video on Amazon - it's pretty sweet.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive World Chronograph Atomic Time AT8110-53E
$625 $286
(54% off)

I'm in love with quartz chronographs. I'm in love with Citizen's Eco-Drive technology... Why don't I own a Citizen Quartz Eco-Drive Chrono yet..? Honestly with the dramatic price drop on this At8110 I'm seriously considering pulling the trigger. Powered by the sun, atmonic time keeping, sapphire crystal, classic but timeless looks - I mean this is just another example of Citizen flexing it's muscles as a seriously overlooked brand. Keep on killing it, Citizen!

Orient Ray II
$355 $145
(59% off)

Everyone and their mother knows about the Orient Mako... but the Ray gets overlooked a lot when it really shouldn't. This new Ray II features Orient's super cool (and new!) F6922 caliber - it hacks, manual winds, and features an automatic rotor. Overall, the look is that of the perfect office deskdiver in my opinion. The bracelet (compared to the Mako II) has a bit more polished flourished and the dial and hands are much more minimal and streamlined compared to the Ray's diving compatriot. Plus, I mean - that price for what you get to wear on your wrist is almost unbeatable. Also, if blue isn't your thing, the black dial is cheaper 0_o.

Seiko Orange Samurai SRPC07
$525 $275
(47% off)

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why the Organge Samurai has dropped below $300. For a Prospex piece, that's so killer. It's possible that maybe the look never really caught on - but I think the Orange is perfect. Plus I have the Blue Lagoon Samurai (there's a review here on TBWS) and I'm quite smitten with it... maybe it's time to start a Seiko Samurai collection... Either way, at $278 the current price isn't too far off from the all time lowest price of about $272 (which was only a few days ago).

Casio G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch
$99 $55
(44% off)

I love the idea of this G-Shock. Compared to its Casio Quartz cohorts, it's very pared back and streamlined while offering both a digital and analog display. The dial text isn't obtrusive and its size is much smaller than other G-Shockers. For me I see it as another great vacation option or possibly something to workout in and get sweat all over. It's a G-shock - it's basically a tank with 200 Meter of water resistance and that classic G-Shock shock resistance. At currently $52 USD it's only about $2 away from it's all time lowest price.

Seiko 5 Diver SRP605K2
$340 $153
(55% off)

(All Time Lowest Price!) I'm always amazed at the amount of beautiful pieces that Seiko produces. So many of them also just end up being under the radar for some reason. That's the case for this Seiko 5 SRP605 diver (at least it wasn't on my radar). It's got the classic Monster hands, a really interesting blue on the dial, bezel, and strap, plus it's got that killer Seiko Lume. Oh, and it's powered the super cool 4R36 automatic movement... Oh! And it's price is at an all time low of $174 on Amazon. Anyone in the market for another fun Seiko Diver?

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