Ep. #121 Baselworld 2019 Summary Discussion!

Baselworld 2019 is over, everyone! So naturally it’s time for Mike and I to sit down and talk about the pieces we loved, hated, and were just generally confused as hell over. We also did our best to cover pieces and news that no one else was mentioning in our on-going Baselworld 2019 coverage piece – so check out that link below.

Tudor Baselworld 2019 Summary

Tudor is one of those brands that piques the interest of a wide spectrum of watch enthusiasts. No matter what our opinions are of the brand, quality, and price point, Tudor captures our attention.

Baselworld 2019 Coverage: Our Thoughts So Far

As we make our way through Baselworld 2019’s press day, it’s already evident that, from a distance, this show feels quite different from what we’ve encountered in the past. Almost immediately, the Swatch Group’s absence has been realized and from the TBWS side of things, this almost significantly cuts down on the number of watches we’d usually talk about. But, we thought it would be fun to gather our thoughts so far and update this post throughout the week as we get our hands on the growing pile of press materials. So here are some watches that have stopped up in our tracks—for better or worse.

Ep 119 Women’s Watches: The Past, Present, and Future (Part 2)

This week the guys are revisiting the talk on Women’s watches and how things have changed (or not changed) since the last episode. We talk Tudor ads, microbrands, and the general overall state of how (and why) certain watches are marketed to women. Plus, the guys share which overtly marketed “Women’s watches” they’d totally rock on wrist.

Ep. #109 The 2018 TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!

The time has come, Watchfam! The Two Broke Watch Snobs are wrapping up 2018 with the very first ” 2018 TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!” The guys take a look back at this past year’s releases and they’re playing favorites by choosing winners in various categories.

Ep. #94 The Pros & Cons of Vintage Watch Collecting

Want to know what TBWS is planning for their 6,000 Instagram follower giveaway? Be sure to listen in this week to find out! This episode also details some of the pitfalls and benefits collectors experience when deciding to pursue the vintage game.

Ep. #73 – Basel World 2018 Bonanza!!!

Basel World 2018 is over, everybody – the dust has settled and the Two Broke Watch Snobs have just one question… did the event live up to the hyperbole (or is life just as meaningless as it was before more Blackbays were rammed down our gullets)?