Fossil Watches Review… How Bad Can They Really Be?

A good majority of watch collectors out there owe a debt of gratitude to Fossil watches. For many of us, a Fossil was our first watch – whether it was gifted or self purchased. What I always find interesting when reflecting on that idea is how quickly the watchfam can hiss and boo at a watch brand that has such a core identify in both modern timekeeping as well as foundational watch collecting. When did it become cool to hate the things that helped define your journey as an enthusiast?

Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Review

Five years ago if you’d told me I’d be reviewing a Bremont Supermarine on TBWS, I’d probably tell you to go kick rocks. Not only was the price range so outside of what we’d ever imagine having in for review, the brand was such a mystery and the earlier designs didn’t personally do much for me. But after all these years here we are… so how does the Bremont Supermarine stack up? Is it worth the hefty price?

Mondaine Stop2Go: Where Minimalism and Novelty Meet

You ever have one of those interactions or experiences that forever tarnishes your opinion of something? Even to the detriment of reality and sense? That’s what happened with me and Mondaine watches…. that is until I met this watch.

San Martin Watches: Hidden Gem or Huge Mistake?

San Martin is one of those watch brands you tend to see a lot of folks gushing over on watch forums. They tend to be viewed as one of those sleeper watch providers that only fellow horological neckbeards know about. But all the hype has to be bogus, right?

Vincero Watches: The Best Way To Waste $150

Vincero Watches – you’ve seen the ads and if you’re the “watch person” in your circle of non-watch friends you’ve been asked that dreaded question before: “Hey, are Vincero wristwatches any good?” Well, let’s find out.

Heitis Chronograph ST19 V2: Well Built, But Not Inspired

Rather than be your run-of-the-mill fashion chrono, the new Heitis is set to be your “go anywhere, do anything” watch with a touch of class.  Now, usually if you try to jam to many characters into one movie, you end up with a jumbled mess that rarely achieves anything it sets out to do.  Will a watch be the same?

Exploring the Pacific Coast with the Coast Pacific Explorer

Over the decade or so since this era of internet-driven microbrand watches began, a lot of things have changed: brands have certainly proliferated, OEM manufacturers have improved their capabilities, the list of movements available to microbrands has expanded, contracted, and expanded again, and competition for attention and customer dollars has become fierce.