Orient Star GMT WZ0071DJ Review

Like most watches that I add to my personal collection, the Orient Star GMT WZ0071DJ is a balancing act between something dressy and something more sporty.

Seiko Samurai: Huge Blunder or Seiko Icon?

When I first heard about this Limited Edition Samurai my interest wasn’t initially piqued. But then I was able to take a deep look at the piece and I found myself enthralled with two of the watch’s most noteworthy features: the color and the case.

Citizen Eagle 7 – 1 Year Later by James Kibble

If you were to take a look into my watch box, you would see a wide array of large, sporty, modern watches. To be expected of a 19 year old collector, I suppose. But out of the corner of your eye you will see this beautiful vintage piece coming in at 36mm. It’s the Citizen Eagle 7 dating back to 1974. I want to share the story of this watch; from when I first purchased it for £13/$17 over a year ago, to owning over 4 variations of the Eagle 7 during this year and why.

So You Want to Buy A Raketa Big Zero…

Basically, you can have a Raketa Big Zero with the right dial, but the wrong hands; or it’s possible to have the right hands, but the wrong case. So when you make the choice to hunt down a Big Zero of your own, you gotta be informed.

Orion Watches Field Standard Review

The Field Standard is what I’d consider a hot rodded field watch and refinements like the thick crystal, beefy crown, and integrated strap design elevate the watch above the usual suspects in the same price range.

Collinsville Watch Co. Limited Edition Kore 2 Review

The Kore 2 was designed to be a quintessential dress watch with the added special touch of being a microbrand piece. All the design and function choices behind the piece were methodically chosen in order to engender and evoke what a dress watch is, looks like, and how it should feel on the wrist.