Steinhart Watch Reviews and News

Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Red Review

Your first impressions on the watch are that the case is simple and extremely sharp. The bezel and the crown have nice, sharp edges rather than soft...

Traveling with Watches: An Horologists’ Survival Guide

Traveling with watches can be nerve-racking. Questions and concerns race through the mind. It does not have to be this way. It should be easy and fun...

Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Review: The #nowaitlist Pepsi

What's the difference between a $500 Steinhart Ocean One and a $100 Parnis? When the opportunity came up to check out the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Pepsi...

Podcast Episodes Featuring Steinhart Watches

Ep. 82 Revisiting Homage Watches

The time travelling watch snobs bring you another episode from the past! Fear not, our regular scheduling will resume this coming week. For now, it's time to talk homage watches... again. By the way, the moscato from last week makes another appearance.