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Podcast Episodes Featuring Raven Watches

Ep. #42 – Watch Collecting: Large and Budget Friendly vs. Small and Pricey

The snobs wrap their heads around the bucking concepts of building a large, budget-conscious collection vs. a collection that's actually smaller, but more methodical and compromised of more expensive pieces. What are your thoughts? Tune in and hit us up!

Ep. #33 In Pursuit of the Ideal Watch Collection pt. 2

You heard it here first, folks - The Two Broke Avocado Connoisseurs are born!... as usual this show will feature tangents, distractions, stories, and most other things that only peripherally deal with horology and more precisely deal with crude humor. Plus, Kaz shares his best "Predator" sound.

Ep. #5 – Wind-Up NYC 2016!

Kaz shares his experience at Wind-Up NYC 2016! The guys talk about all the booths he visited and below you'll find links to everyone mentioned in this week's episode. Plus Kaz talks about the two watches he purchased at the show!