Nodus Watch Reviews and News

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Podcast Episodes Featuring Nodus Watches

Ep. #10 – Orient Watches, Collinsville Watch Co, and Shoutouts!

This week Mike and Kaz open up the episode by talking about Collinsville Watch Co - a super small microbrand offering high quality, but affordable quartz and mechanical pieces.

Ep. #9 – Terry from ToxicNATOs Talks Watches, His Business, and the Future

This week The Two Broke Watch Snobs have a super special guest on air: Terry Williams from ToxicNATOs!

Ep. #8 – Quartz Watches, Water Resistance, ToxicNATOs, and Gateways to Watch Collecting

Kaz and Mike talk about Quartz watches, their value, precision, durability, and why they make people angry in the pants. Our first quartz watches and what they mean to us as collectors today. Mike’s wife interrupts the watch snobs. We also talk about water resistance, how it's marketed, and share some cool new straps from ToxicNATOs. Kaz eats toxic candy.

Ep. #7 – Positive and Negative Boutique/AD Experiences & Male Stripper Watches

This week the guys are sharing some positive and negative experiences they've had walking into ADs and Boutiques - plus we're breaking down the facts and stats on the most burning question within the watchfam... what watch does a male stripper wear?

Ep. #6 – Seiko Spring Drive Event and “Guilty Pleasure” Watches

Kaz shares his experience at a recent Spring Drive event down in the Seiko Miami Boutique and the guys delve into one of their most beloved reoccurring series: Guilty Pleasure Watches!

Ep. #5 – Wind-Up NYC 2016!

Kaz shares his experience at Wind-Up NYC 2016! The guys talk about all the booths he visited and below you'll find links to everyone mentioned in this week's episode. Plus Kaz talks about the two watches he purchased at the show!