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Podcast Episodes Featuring Nodus Watches

Ep. #183: Why Do Watches Make Us Happy?

Watch collecting doesn’t exactly make a whole lotta sense - most of the time. What we can be sure of as watch collectors is that watch collecting, at the very least, elicits happiness in some way. Why is that?

Ep. #182: American Watches: Discussing A Legacy and the Future

Kaz and TBWS Contributor Baird discussing the past, present, and potential future of American watchmaking! Also huge shoutout to our Patreon Audio Wrist Check Shout outs: Just2Ticks and Chris A!

Ep. #180: Three Stages of Fatherhood and Three Watches To Match

In honor of Father’s Day 2020, Mike and Kaz run through some of their top picks for the ultimate dad watch. You’ll hear options for all stages of fatherhood across a bunch of different price ranges.

Ep. #178: 5 Vintage Soviet Watches You Need To Know About

This week Kaz is flying solo.. and you know what that means? We're talking about Soviet Union Watches!

Ep. #177: Building A Watch Collection for $300

Building a watch collection? Do you have $1k to spend? Sorry, this episode isn’t for you. Let’s get serious. Kaz & Mike are back and this week they’re looking for the best way to get started for no more than $300.

Ep. #176: Wristwatch Bar Talk #2

It's been a rough week and the guys cut loose for another round of unscripted banter. Plus, you'll get to hear about a monumental TBWS milestone - that Kaz & Mike completely forgot to update you on.