Nodus Watch Reviews and News

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Podcast Episodes Featuring Nodus Watches

Ep 127 Wristwatch Bar Talk #1

You know, it occurred to us that even though our show is heralded as "wristwatch bar talk" - we've never actually had a proper wristwatch bar talk segment... well here we go.

Patreon Podcast Special #6: Two Broke Guitar Snobs

This week we decided to do something different and showcase another TBWS Patreon Special Podcast Episode. But instead of the same old watch-talk, we dive deep into talking about our tumultous and sordid past... with music!

Ep. 124 The Try Before You Buy Dilemma

This week's show was inspired by Kaz's recent experience with a Tiger Concept watch. Is it possible to actually determine what the authentic version of a watch will wear like based on the cheaper, copy version?

Ep. 122 Baselworld 2019: Our Money’s Worth

It's done, everyone. Baselworld 2019 is behind us and now we can look back at everything with non-frenzied perspectives sans the BS "keeping-up-with-the-horological-jones'" rat-race that consumes us in medias res.