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Podcast Episodes Featuring Nodus Watches

Ep. #189: Hey, Bulova – Here’s What We’d Rather Spend $3 – $4k On

Recently, Bulova announced an exciting set of new watches. But holy hell, they’re expensive. Today you’ll catch up with Mike and Kaz for a new segment that breaks down the price range of new, ridiculous releases as the guys pitch some alternative choices for your hard-earned cash.

Ep. #188: All About Orient Star and The Origin Of Orient Watches

Kaz and Mike are back for another ‘traditional’ TBWS episode. Today, Kaz gives us a detailed rundown of Orient Star watches, and the historic timeline behind Orient Watches.

Ep. #187: Iconic Watch Designs With Noor

In this week’s episode, Noor joins in on the TBWS fun again. This time, we’re covering her reactions to what many collectors consider to be the most “iconic” watches in history.

Ep. #186: Design and Art in Watches

We're mixing things up on TBWS this week! Join Kaz and Henry - our newest guest - on this journey covering watch design and aesthetics while weighing that against functionality, practicality, and the watch specs that we're all obsessed with.

Ep. #185: Unpopular Watch Opinions Pt. 1..?

The gang is back together, and they’ve had a tough week. The watch world is slowly turning into a parody of itself, and the guys are here to call out the BS.

Ep. #184: Mike’s ‘New House’ Watch

Mike has spent way too much time pondering his next watch purchase and how to appropriately mark the occasion of purchasing a new home. Time to bring in the big guns – his wife.