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Ep. #165: Guilty Pleasure Watches Part 5

Coronavirus, fashion watches... the guys have been tackling some big topics lately. This week, they hope to keep things light be revisiting and old-time favorite - guilty pleasure watches.

Ep. #164: Hey, Bro – Nice Fashion Watch

This week we're tackling more horological prejudices by taking a deep dive into a single burning question: why all the fashion watch hate? When we make the transition from horological civilians to watch collectors why is there so much hate for fashion watches (i.e. Timex, Michael Kors, Fossil, Kate Spade, etc.)?

Ep. #162: Horology Instagram Trends That Need to Die

Instagram has done a lot of good for the watch collecting hobby. But holy hell, it has its problems. Today, Kaz and Mike talk through some of their biggest issues with Instagram, trends that are taking the hobby by storm, and ways that the platform is harming growth overall.

Ep. #161: What Would You Rather Spend $14k On?

The snobs sit down and revisit the Omega 321 Speedy release while running through better ways to spend $14k.