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Nodus Contrail Review

I found my interest truly piqued after meeting the Nodus guys right here in Seattle for some late-night drinks, when they graciously introduced me to...

Nodus Trieste Review: Just Another Watch or More Than The Sum of Its Parts?

ll too often I've been a victim of falling in love with something when I see it online only to have my love thrown back in my face as soon as I see...

Podcast Episodes Featuring Nodus Watches

Ep. #134 – Watch Spotting in Italy and Shooting The Shit

We're back from our break! And more important, Mike's back from Italy and he's sharing what it was like falling for a Roman taxi scam, breaking the window in his AirBnB, losing his passport, and (obviously) what watches he saw over there.

Ep. #132 Traveling with Watches

You know, over these past couple years, our opinions on A LOT of things have changed. But what Michael and I didn't anticipate is our view on traveling with watches doing a total 180. Are "travel watches" real? Is whatever the hell watch you wear while traveling a "travel watch?" Or is the idea of a travel watch still alive and well?