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Ep. #157: Celebrity Watches: Cash or Passion?

Happy New Year! Mike and Kaz are opening things up this time with a fun topic that emerged back on episode 156. We all know there are a ton of celebrities out there sporting some serious timepieces. But what came first? Cash or passion?

Ep. #156: 2020 Watch Collecting Goals

This week, the guys wrap up another year of TBWS shenanigans and chat through their 2020 watch collecting goals. Plus, they share some ideas about community building and organizing TBWS events in 2020.

Ep. #155 A New Watch Alert and End of The Year Horology News

Mike is back and he’s just in time for Kaz’s #newwatchalert! This week the guys are going over some big end of year news items that have come up within horology – plus, it’s that time of the year 0_o – a review in some highlights from the TBWS Crew’s choices for last minute holiday gift ideas.

Ep. #154: Kaz is Alone and He’s Just Talking About Soviet Watches

So it's finally happened... Kaz is recording alone. Unfortunately this week Mike is feeling under the weather, so left to his own devices Kaz records this weeks episode and shares his Soviet Watch Collecting goals for 2020. Plus, Kaz teases a new Orient Star joining his collection soon and discusses his thoughts on the new Alpinist release.

Ep. #153: The Ideal 4 Watch Collection for Space, Air, Land, and Sea

This week, Kaz and Mike tackle a substantial listener question submitted by @gmtchronodive on Instagram. Space, land, air, and sea - what are the ultimate watches that'll tackle these environments? Tune in, enjoy the show, and share your picks. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far!

Ep. #152 Watching Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday and the guys are here to share some of the coolest deals they’ve stumbled upon this holiday season. Be sure to tune in and share deals you’ve discovered on Instagram and the TBWS Facebook group.