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Ep. #200: Talking Smack With @brodinkee

This is it. We've done 200 episodes. And @brodinkee is here to talk about some of the cringiest trends on social and blog that need to die. You aren't getting rid of us. We're here to stay.

Ep. #199: In Honor of Sean Connery

Sir Thomas Sean Connery - a staple of masculinity and an icon in the realm of watch enthusiasts has passed. This week, Kaz & Mike take some time to evaluate watches that the ultimate giga-chad wore both on- and off-screen... with some affordable alternatives for you to consider.

Ep. #198: LIP Watches and The Soviet Watch Industry

Kaz is flying solo and you know what that means..? We're taking another deep dive into the history of Soviet Watches! This installment focuses on the impact that French watch maker LIP had on SU horology. If you feel like going full neckbeard on Soviet Watches with Kaz then tune in and enjoy.

Ep. #197: Q&A with Kaz and Mike

Alright, these episodes are always a blast but this time, the guys really packed the episode with a ton of listener questions. Plus, get a sneak peek at the newest review on the website and get the scope on the latest franken-Rolex controversy.

Ep. #196: Watch Regrets

Join Mike & Kaz for a fierce and emotional account of some of their biggest watch regrets. From buying to selling, spending too much damn time on watch photos, and more. Don't forget to write in and share your watch hobby/collecting regrets, too.

Ep. #195: Watch Ads Deconstructed

Join Kaz and Mike as they comment on a selection of watch ads in real-time. They tackle some fan favorites along with ads you might not be familiar with. It’s cringey watch marketing at its finest, and you might even find that some of it actually worked on the snobs.