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Ep. #75 – Talking Vintage Military Watches With @danc21cy

Get the scoop on what it's like to dive head first into military watch collecting. The Snobs are educated by Dan (@danc21cy) and explore the deep and rewarding world of watches created and issued for active service. He tells the #watchfam how he got started and even brings up some affordable options to consider.

Ep. #43 – The TBWS Back to School Special!

Kaz actually contemplates selling some of his collection and then the snobs have a blast talking about some of the coolest back to school watch options for watch folks that have little kiddos going back to school.

Ep. #27 – Affordable GMT and Dual Time Watches + The >$1000 Watch Discussion

Pay that $2500 dental bill? Or just get a Grand Seiko Quartz and call it a day? This is just one of the many questions we tackle in this week's episode! Plus Kaz is going strong with his #watchfast with the Casio MDV106 dive watch.