Seiko 5 SNZF17 "Sea Urchin"
$458 $142
(68% off)

With all the talk of SKX models, Turtles, and the whole mess of Seiko divers out there - it's easy to forget the Sea Urchin. But I'll tell you this - for the price this small but mighty automatic diver packs a punch. 42mm in diameter, 100m of water resistance, 22mm lug width, strong legibility, and high quality construction make the SNZF17 worth a look - check out the reviews on the Amazon page.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time White Dial (SRPB77)
$450 $251
(44% off)

Who knew that the original cocktail time piece would spawn so many different renditions? Although we've expressed some trepidation about some of the new cocktail time models, there is something about this white dial version that I can't shake. It's just gorgeous - a stark white dial with piercing blue hands creates an almost austere presentation. You definitely need to check out the listing to get a closer look. Plus, the price right now is the second lowest it's ever been at $255 (first lowest being $2225).

Orient M-Force Delta Diver (SEL07002B)
$485 $249
(43% off)

Yes - yes, come to me Orient M-Force! We've talked about these pieces on the TBWS Podcast before. In the affordable diver rat race they tend to get forgotten - I'm not sure why other than the fact that Orient doesn't do much to promote these, which makes them a true hidden horological gem if you ask me. This M-Force SEL07002B in particular noteworthy because it's reached it's lowest price point to date on Amazon at $279, which is incredible considering this dive watch is certified ISO 6425, ISO 764, and ISO 1413.

Victorinox AirBoss Mach 6 Mechanical Chronograph (241447.1)
$2,095 $461
(78% off)

Any time an affordable mechanical chronograph hits my radar my ears perk up. Usually you're paying close to $1k for a mechanical chrono, but Victorinox has this AirBoss available for around $460. It features an automatic movement that's most likely a modified ETA/Valjoux 7750, which at this price point is incredible. The dial also has a pilot feel with the hands and thought it may feel a bit busy, the clean black and white presentation seems to make up for it. Also, I love those pushers 0_o - what do you think?

Orient Bambino V.2 Black Dial (FAC0000AB0)
$300 $120
(60% off)

The Orient Bambino is one of the most recognized and recommended affordable dress watches out there - and for good reason. In house movement, classic design, beautiful looks - it's the full package. Traditionally the watch has always been affordable, but these Version 2 Bambinos just dropped and the price is insane specifically for this black dial version which is a personal favorite of mine. So are you looking for a classic dress watch with horological swag that doesn't break the bank? Your search may be over - check it out.

Citizen Eco-Drive AR 2.0 (AW1151-04E)
$225 $88
(60% off)

I'm constantly amazed at how many different models Citizen Watches offers - but more than that, I'm amazed as to how many of those models are actually awesome! Take this AR AW1151 for example. I recently learned about this watch and I'm immediately smitten by the aesthetics - classic pinstripe dial housed with a very forward thinking case design. Plus the blue accents adds that extra much needed flair and I LOVE that seconds hand. The watch is powered by Citizen's absolutely killer Eco-drive technology. I can't get this watch out of my mind - plus, it's priced has been reduced to an amazing $88... that's a shit-ton of watch design and functionality for the price! Check out the product video in the listing to get a good idea of what we're dealing with here.

Seiko Coutura Solar Radio-Sync (SSG019)
$595 $276
(54% off)

Seiko Coutura models tend to not get that much attention in the watch community. It think it's because they're more eye-catching/flashy design oriented nature doesn't resonate as well as the function-based designed of some other Seiko Prospex pieces. However there are some absolutely incredible hidden gems to be found in the Seiko Coutura line - take this SSG019 for example. Radio controlled time, solar movement, incredible blue dial, and the bracelet is quite well done. My favorite feature though is the dial detail - check out the Amazon listing to see how well done it is. Looks like a stylized herringbone pattern - for all this watch is offering the $276 price tag is a monster steal.

Bulova Stars and Stripes Chronograph C Reissue (96K101)
$750 $299
(60% off)

The release of this Stars and Stripes reissue was one of the first News pieces that TBWS ever covered, so for me the watch has always had a special place in my heart. But sentiment aside, let's talk practicalities because you can have this incredible piece for $299, which is nuuuts. What I love about the watch is that at 46mm, its a very vintage-inspired case, but it's not super tiny. That's especially encouraging if you've always wanted to wear something with a bit more of a vintage vibe, but your wrist size isn't accommodating to smaller watches. The Chronograph C also features Bulova's high performance quartz tech with super high accuracy. Just check out the video in the product listing for a full view of the watch - I love the case shape and I'm honestly surprised this piece isn't more popular (living in the shadow of the Lunar Pilot I guess 0_o).