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Podcast Episodes Featuring Citizen Watches

Ep. 120 Starting A Watch Collection in 2019 (The TBWS Way!)

2019 is already feeling like the end times - the Sword of Damocles feels primed to plummet down upon us at any moment... perfect time to talk watches! This week Mike and Kaz wanted to share their perspective on how to build a watch collection in 2019 the TBWS way.

Ep. #111 Burning Through A $25 Amazon Gift Card

So... what is the best way to burn through a $25 Amazon gift card you got for the holidays. It's time to sit down and figure it out. The guys discover a few digital Casios and princess watches, find some rubber duckies, and come up with the idea of pitching horological sex toys to watch brands. Be sure to share your ideas for burning through a $25 Amazon gift card!

Ep. #104 Black Friday Wish Lists & 2 Years of TBWS

Kaz and Mike celebrate 2 years of TBWS and share a handful of watches they hope to see discounted during the wave of Black Friday sales. What do you have your eye on this year? Be sure to share the watches you're hoping to hunt down this holiday season.

Ep. #90 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 4: Citizen

Things are heating up but Kaz and Mike are focused on discussing a brand they felt unfamiliar with. This time, it's Citizen and the guys fumble their way through some pretty cool discoveries surrounding this Japanese brand that really deserves more attention.

Ep. #73 – Basel World 2018 Bonanza!!!

Basel World 2018 is over, everybody - the dust has settled and the Two Broke Watch Snobs have just one question... did the event live up to the hyperbole (or is life just as meaningless as it was before more Blackbays were rammed down our gullets)?

Ep. #66 -Solar Quartz Watches

Solar Quartz Watches - getting into it and understanding the hate and the love!