Casio Watch Reviews and News

Watches In The Wild: Bill Gates Wearing A Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1A On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

On Bill's wrist, we caught a glance of a watch that seems to be making the rounds with one of our favorite billionaires - the Casio Duro Marlin...

Casio Wave Ceptor Review (WV-59DJ-1AJF)

But as I spent time with the Casio Wave Ceptor, I began to realize why I never really considered it to be appropriate as a grab-and-go quartz watch....

Traveling with Watches: An Horologists’ Survival Guide

Traveling with watches can be nerve-racking. Questions and concerns race through the mind. It does not have to be this way. It should be easy and fun...

Best Law Enforcement Watches Part #1: Police Academy and Patrol

Being in law enforcement for almost 20 years, and having worked in various units throughout my particular department, I think I can at least offer...

Two New Retro Casio Baby-G Watches: Holy Nostalgia Wave, Batman!

I'm gonna be real with you guys here - I had no idea Casio was still making Baby-G Watches, but they totally are! They just added two new pieces to...

Casio G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GR-B100 Series: Yes, I Want This Watch – No, I’m Not A Pilot

I know this may sounds weird, but these new offerings are actually making me rethink my apathy towards certain "smart watch" features, and I'm...

Podcast Episodes Featuring Casio Watches

Ep. #60 – Watch Geeks Coming Home For The Holidays

We've all done it and we can all agree: coming home for the holidays can be weird. But it can be ever weirder if you're a watch geek! The end of the year is getting closer and closer and the Two Broke Watch Snobs talk about some ways you can survive every aspect of the holidays as a member of the watchfam.

Ep. #47 The 2017 Hurricane Irma TBWS Special!

It's the freaking end of times, guys! Florida is bracing for hurricane impact - we got freaking wildfires on the west coast... geomagnetic storms? Earthquakes? Listen, there's really only one responsible thing Mike and Kaz can do here... talk about some goddam watches! Specifically, the best watches to wear during the apocalypse!

Ep. #13 – Watches $65 and Under for the Discerning Watch Snob

Mike and Kaz are breaking down a list of awesome watches for under $65. But do you guys want to know the truly insane part? None of them are Seikos 0_o. Plus, Sailfish or marlin? The guys can't tell the difference - any fishologist out there?