Junkers G38 Dual Time (6940-4) Watch
$320 $280
(12% off)

With Junkers you get a lot of Bauhaus and Flieger pieces and this GMT feels like an interesting combination of both. It's got a second, independent hour and minute hand set for a second timezone and a very cool big date. Plus there's something supremely cool about the design - reminds me of something you'd see in that movie "The Rocketeer" - while the percent price drop isn't a lot. This is the all time low price point for this Amazon new comer.

Seiko Neo Classic Alarm Quartz Chrono (SPC131P1)
$395 $125
(68% off)

If you've enjoyed a lot of the very cool heritage designed chronographs from the Seiko Presage line (and even Longines) this Quartz chrono is perfect. There's currently a huge price drop in price - it's a bit large at 44mm but if you've been looking for something with a classic design that doesn't feel too small, then you're looking at it. Plus, it's got a lot of features are great reviews.

Citizen Eco-Drive Quartz Chrono (CA0649-06X
$295 $139
(52% off)

Not only does this Eco-Drive has incredible technology behind it - and not only is the price really incredible - but it's also extremely legible with is something of a pet-peeve of mine. Too often I see chronos with text and subdials so small I can barely read anything. This Eco-Drive Chrono features bold numerals, very prominent hands, and a very tastefully contrasted minute register at 12' o clock. Plus the vintage vibes are totally doing it for me.

Orient Adventurer (FA06003Y)
$535 $329
(38% off)

Never heard of the Orient Adventurer? Not a lot of folks have - but it's among the very cool hidden gems found within Orient offerings of in-house automatic pieces. The piece features a very interesting design that balances a minimal approach with an appropriate amount of dial info. Plus the contrast of light and dark is a lot of fun. The price doesn't drop on this piece very often but at $329 this is the second lowest price that's been recorded ($300 being the lowest).

Bulova AccuSwiss Automatic Chronograph
$2,450 $399
(88% off)

(All time lowest price!) So this is a weird one. I admit to not knowing too much about the Bulova AccuSwiss line, but this piece here is probably the best priced automatic chronograph I've ever seen. Please note that the Amazon listing doesn't have a lot of reviews, but the watch is fulfilled by Amazon, which offers an extra measure of assured satisfaction. I love the bracelet on this piece and the overall presentation is incredibly clean. However do note that the piece is quite thick at 15mm, meaning the chrono movement must be modular. Regardless, an automatic chronograph at this price is wild, so be sure to take a look at the listing and judge for yourself.

Junkers G38 Series Quartz (6944-5)
$230 $172
(25% off)

All Time Lowest Price!) I love the design of this piece. Another Junkers piece but this time in the form of a classic, 3 hander day/date. There's a really wonderful mix here of clean, minimal design with just the right amount of visual interest to not feel "stark". I also love the slight mixture of metallic sheen since the markers appear to be copper-y in hue. Plus those syringe hands *swoons* - Junkers is a brand that delivers quality yet not too many people have them on their radar - that's a shame really.

Seiko Recraft Automatic (SNKP23)
$275 $133
(51% off)

I've always really enjoyed the Seiko Recraft series, especially this square case mode. At just under 40mm in size the watch has a subtle enough wrist presence to always be appropriate but with the added x-factor of it's very cool dial and fun blue/oj color accents. This price drop of over 50% puts it in a very prospective price bracket. Also $133 is the second lowest price for this piece - $126 being the lowest recorded back in November.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver (BN0085-01E)
$350 $169
(51% off)

Really want to get a Citizen Diver but aren't really into the popular designs? Check this watch out. An incredibly unique but very approachable design aesthetic makes this Citizen Eco-Drive diver one worth considering. It's ISO-Certified, rated for 300m, and features one of the coolest Citizen dial textures I've ever seen. Plus, it's incredibly legible. Just a heads up that this piece is listed as 47mm, which may include the crown. Regardless, this $169 price point is the second lowest it's ever been - $160 being lowest in early December. Click the listing and check it out - it's worth putting eyes on at the least.